Colombia Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Excelso EP is sourced from coffee producers spread throughout the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in the department of Magdalena, Colombia. Coffee is produced on family owned farms that average 4 acres of land and processed using small micro-mills to depulp and dry coffee at the farm. Producers practice principles of agroecology to improve the quality of their coffee while taking care of their natural resources, which includes cultivating coffee with a strong focus on shade management.

The coffee comes from  varieties such as Caturra and Castillo. It is planted under shade of Guamo , Carbonero and Cedar trees. The soil composition is sandy with strong presence of limestone. The microclimate in which this coffee is grown is unique to the country. The cool mountain air meets with the ocean breeze from the Caribbean, forming a well defined rainy season. Due to this factor, there is only one harvest season which starts in November and ends in April. This coffee is wet processed, fermented and washed at the farm. It is sun dried on  the patios and then mechanically dried to reach the ideal moisture of 11.5%. The coffee is then milled and graded at the farm’s mill in Santa Marta.

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